Anything Ghost Show #73 - Gary (Florida, US) interviews Jeff from Georgia. Both are blind people. Jeff shares his personal tales of the paranormal.


Stories from:

Missy (SC, USA), Joevanny (Puerto Rico), Gwendolynn (Canada), Gary (FL, USA), Rhuel (USA), Manny (Sydney Australia), Michael (Lancashire, England), Rhuel (MD, USA)

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Stories from:

Ashley (UK), Michael (UK), Douglas (MO, USA), Marsha (NC, USA), David (CA, USA), Steve (MD, USA), Joyce (KY, USA)


Scott (CT, US)

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Stories from:

Bill (NY, USA), Carla (NC, USA), Sam (USA), Brittany (GA, USA), Dorothy (MD, USA), Alice (USA), Dan (TN, USA)

Introduction by:

Anna (WI, US)

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