Stories from:

Eddie (AZ, US), Grace (Welland, Ontario, Canada), Kaethe (Central NY, US), Christian (TX, US), Kara (US), Mike (US), Flashback - Will (UK) April 2007, Emma (UK)
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Stories from:

Amy (IA, US), Chad (Radford, VA, US), Anonymous (Wallingford, CT, US), Marie (MS, US), Joaquin (Ft. Worth, TX) as read by Laura (Ontario, Canada), Nellie (Minneapolis, MN), James (US), Sox (Villagrove, CO,), Connie (Ontario, Canada), Flashback - Ed (New Windsor, MD, US)

This Show's Guest Reader:

Laura of Edmonton, Ontario, Canada (reads the story from Joaquin of Ft. Worth Texas)

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