Stories from:

Elayne (US), Tracy (Little Canada, MN), Jazmyn (San Dimas, CA), LaTasha (Austin, TX), Denise (Durham, NC), Erin (White Plains. NY), Anonymous (VA, US) 


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What is The Leftover Halloween Candy Episode?

The Halloween Show #123 was released earlier than usual, so some listeners missed the deadline. With this in mind, I created the "Leftover Halloween Candy" episode. In this episode, you will hear the stories that didn't make it into the 2010 Halloween show.

Halloween in November??—think of at it as leaving your Christmas lights up in January.


Stories from:

Sara (Dallas, TX), Raj (Brooklyn, NY), Alice (SW Virgina, US), Maureen (OH, US), Peter (Denmark), Jamie (ND, US), Nick (Chesterfield, MI), Luke (AK, US) 


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