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Grace (Welland Ontario Canada), Michael (NC, US), Louisa (UK), Jonathan (Santa Ana, CA), Zach (Zach "N" A Pack), Guillermo (Pomona, CA), Emma (Sussex County, NJ), Kerry (Mesa, AZ), Dee (VA, US), Errol (Bronx, NY)

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To honor Garrett Husveth's passing, and his wonderful Haunted New Jersey Podcast, Anything Ghost Show #133 wil be an all EVP show (the show will be back to its regular format in #134).

In this short 20 minute show, Lex will...

• Share a little background on Garrett's Haunted New Jersey Podcast
Play some of Lex's own EVP recordings (poor quality, but EVP none the less)
Play some creepy EVP sent in by the Bay Area Ghost Explorers
A little fireside-style chat with Lex, and music.

R.I.P. Garrett

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Garrett, of my favorite paranormal podcast Haunted New Jersey, passed away last week.

It shocked me. I'd been corresponding with him for years.

He was a brilliant man, who gladly shared his knowledge of the paranormal with all who were interested. The study of paranormal will now have a big void to fill.

I wish the best of everything to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace Garrett.


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