Stories for Show #146:

1. Stephanie (Wisconsin, US)
2. Din (Philippines)
3. Lin (US)
4. Paul (Long Beach, California)
5. Lee (Delaware)

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Stories for Show #145:

1.  Andrew (Toronto, Canada)
2,  Jacob (US)
3.  Rizzy (Singapore)
4.  Jamie (UK)
5.  Richard (Los Angeles, California, US)
6.  Anonymous (Sacramento, California, US)
7.  Steve (Dover, Kent, England)
8.  Lynn (Lenni, Pennsylvania, US)
9.  Danilo (Chicago, Illinois, US)

Links for Show #145:

A link to Danilo's story on YouTube (click here).

Danilo plays the audio file he submitted to Anything Ghost, but includes a slide show with pictures of his haunted abode, the blimp, etc.

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