Stories for Show #167:

1. Nikki (Florida, US)
2. Jackie (US)
3. Linda (California, US)
4. Kate (Adelaide, Australia)
5. Shannon (Tennessee, US)
6. Jennifer (Central Valley, CA)
7. Erika (Birmingham, Alabama)
8. Nick (Connecticut, US)

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Stories for Show #166:

Introduction by Joseph in Arkansas
1. Elle (East Coast of the U.S.)
2. Jenise (Oregon, U.S.)
3. Edwina (Sydney, Australia)
4. Zach (Arkansas, U.S.)
5. Lee (Stockton-on-Tees , England)
6. Flashback (Peter in Denmark from show #78)

Links from #166
• Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: on sale now, at Indy Planet
  $9.99 printed version, $4.99 PDF version, $55.00 customer cover edition (contact Lex via email)

• Zach's podcast (author of story #4 above): WTF's Propaganda Podcast

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Stories for Show #165:

1. Eva (Whittier, California)The playful ghost of a Whittier California Triplex
2. Ally (South England)Who’s Standing at the Foot of Your Bed?
3. Van (Louisiana, US) - Louisiana Spirit Rises in Front of TV
4. Stacie (Canton, Michigan) Atlantic Beach Soldier Spirit
5. Lui (Modesto, California)A Friends Aunt Visits After Passing
6. Luis (Miami, Florida) Dark Shadow, and Warnings in a Miami Florida House
7. Angela (U.S.) - Paranormal Lights
8. Jaime (Madison, Wisconsin) Haunted Dorm at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse
9. Jason (Bossier City, Louisiana)The Theater Ghost at Louisiana Tech University
10. Ruby (Ohio, U.S.) Ouija Won’t Say “Good-Bye”
11. Misty (Dallas, Texas) - Cursed Land in Dallas, Texas
12. Tamara (Northern Minnesota)Ouija Spirit Proves it’s Real
13. Mark (Liverpool England) - Something in the Trees at a Liverpool England Park
14. Jeremy (West Grove Pennsylvania) – The Play Date
15. Priscilla (Northern California) - The Stockton California Apartment Ghost
16. Tracey (Unofficial Universal Studio Orlando Podcast) - Haunted Happenings at Universal Studios Orlando

Links from #165
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: on sale now, at Indy Planet
  $9.99 printed version, $4.99 PDF version, $55.00 customer cover edition (contact Lex via email).

100% Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast:

Have a Haunted and Happy Halloween!! 

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Stories for Show #164:

1. David (St. Paul, Minnesota)An Angry Apparition of an Elderly Lady
2. Annie (Richmond, California)Family Dog Reacts to Something on the Fireplace Mantel
3. Luke (Ohio, U.S.) - The Ghost in the Trees
4. Michael (Lincoln, Nebraska)A Haunted House in Nebraska Burns Down
5. Aris (Riverside, California) - The Shadow Man at Grandma's House
6. Ryan (Ashland, New Hampshire) - Show Bumper
7. Michelle (Baltimore, Maryland)Who's Banging on the Front Door
8. Cameron (Castleford, West Yorkshire)The Ghost of Daniel
9. Carriage (U.S.) - The Tall Man
10. Walter (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Visits from Grandma
11. Jolie (Seattle, Washington) Me and Barbara
Break #1 -
12. Lucy (Fair Lawn, New Jersey)Keys Thrown on the Floor
13. Rob (Chino Hills, California)Las Luces Fantasmas of Arizona
14. Margaux (Creston, British Columbia Canada) - The Spirit of Halloween
15. Robert (Texas, U.S.) - A Walk at Bethany Lake Park In Allen, Texas
Break #2 - Al Rauber's New Website:

16. William (Elberton, Georgia)North Carolina Grave Yard Tales
17. Anonymous (U.S.)The Next Time the Train Stops Here...
18. Bruce (U.S.) - Cedar View Mental Institution
Break 3: Lex's Original Music, ©2012
19. Katherine (U.K.) - The Visitor (Hoping This Time She Can Hear Me)
20. Spring (Texas, U.S.)Ghostly Figures Walk the Halls at a Home for the Elderly
21. Laura (Citrus Heights, California)A Shadow Man Approaches
22. Ben (Forth Smith, Iowa) - The Ghost Scar
23. Lauren (Seattle, Washington)Lake Crescent's Lady of the Lake
24. Angela (Santa Cruz, California)The Death of Sarah Agnes Cowell Re-lived
25. Peter (Copenhagen, Denmark) - An Eerie Night at a Denmark Psychiatric Ward

Links from #164
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: on sale now, at Indy Planet
  $9.99 printed version, $4.99 PDF version, $55.00 customer cover edition (contact Lex via email).
Al Rauber's New Website:
Free audiobook with 1 month free sign up,
Michelle from Baltimore Maryland:
Mill Mall stories link
100% Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast:

Have a Haunted and Happy Halloween!! 

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Anything Ghost Graphic Novel, $9.99

Following several months of work by artist Shane Kirshenblatt and his team of greatness (artists: Andrew Kwan, Vince Sunico, Chris Burke, Kent Burles), the Anything Ghost Graphic Novel is complete and ready to be yours.

Regular Edition:
The cost of the regular edition Anything Ghost graphic novel is $9.99, and can be purchased at this link: Anything Graphic Novel for sale at IndyPlanet.  After payment is received, the book will be shipped to you in 7-10 days.

Digital Edition:
If you would like to download a digital version of the graphic novel (not printed), this is available for $4.99. Here's the link for the digital version of the Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: Digital Anything Ghost Graphic Novel

Custom Edition:
For those of you who would like a special edition, we also have available the Sketch Cover Edition: the cost for these will be $55.00 (plus shipping costs). In this special edition, you can personalize your book! You can have your own paranormal experience (maximum of two characters within a background, fully inked). Please note, there will be time needed for Shane Kirshenblatt to create these.

...for more information on the Sketch Cover Edition, please contact:

Whichever you choose, I hope enjoy The Anything Ghost Graphic Novel!

And keep your eyes and ears open for the artists at a comic book convention near you—and help support them:

  • Shane Kirshenblatt
  • Chris Burke
  • Kent Burles
  • Andrew Kwan
  • Vince Sunico

...and thanks for listening to Anything Ghost.

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Stories for Show #163:
1. Cory (Dahlonega, Georgia) –
Psychology Class Spirit
2. Steve (West Sussex, UK) –
Haunted Airlines' Hangar
3. Kristen (Tennessee, US) –
Invisible Friends: Bob and Boo Boo
4. Donna (Maine, US) –
Mr. Keen's Ghost on the Porch
5. Kelvin (Fort Collins, Colorado) –
That's Enough TV for Tonight
6. Mandy (Kentucky, US) –
Grandma's Still Watching from Beyond
7. Armand (Portland, OR) -
Hide-and-Go-Seek Ghost
8. Jonas (Stockholm, Sweden) –
A Child's Ghost Watches Me
9. Shannon (Layton, Utah) –
A Ghost in a Home for Troubled Teens

Links from #163
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel (coming October 2012): FaceBook Page

Halloween Show Deadlines:
Lex reads your story: October 17, 2012
Record your own story: October 20, 2012
Anticipated release date: October 24, 2012

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Stories for Show #162:
1. Natarsha (Massachusetts, US) - A Haunted House in Georgia
2. Bruce (Montpiler, Vermont) - The Ghost with a Red Beard
3. Shannon (Layton, Utah) - Uncle Makes One Last Visit
4. Denise (Raleigh N.C.) - Shadow People in the Stock Room
5. Gary (Florida, US) - The Purple Haze
6. Christian (Harbor Beach, Michigan) - The Basement-Bedroom Ghost of Michigan
7. Danilo (US) - Haunted 1914 Catholic Book
8. Christine (Champaign, Illinois) - Ghostly Encounters in Seoul, Korea
9. Jeff (Japan) - Jikininki - A Japanese Ghost Story
10. Lexi (Seattle, Washington) - Alice: the Angry Bed Shaking Ghost
11. Kia (Arkansas, US) - the Mobilehome Ghost in Arkansas 

Links from #162
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page

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Halloween is approaching very quickly—unless you step into at a corporate owned store where "even stop lights blink a bright red and green" (ho ho ho)...although, I enjoy that as well.

At Halloween time, the Anything Ghost Halloween Show gets very popular, and as such, many ghostly stories are submitted to the show—more specifically for the Halloween special. Time wise, the Halloween specials are getting to be very long (I believe last year's special was over 3 hours).

So, now is the time to get your fingers moving on the "QWERTY," pull out a mic, or whatever you need to do to make your story ready for the 2012 Anything Ghost Halloween special.

Why in September? Because the Halloween special is released 1 week prior to October 31st. To make this date, deadlines need to be adhered to...and here are the deadlines and rules.


  • Send a story for Lex to read...Due Date: October 17, 2012
  • Send in a story that you have recorded...Due Date: October 20th, 2012
  • Send in a skit that you have recorded...Due Date: October 20th, 2012

Rules and Acceptable Material (all must be ghost or Halloween related):

  • The usual personal paranormal experiences
  • The usual local ghost legends
  • Skits /Plays /Poetry (Halloween special only; must be recorded by you).
  • Fictional Writings (Halloween special only; must be recorded by you).
  • No music please
  • All submissions must be original; I cannot release material with a copyright

I will only read personal paranormal experiences and local ghost legends. Everything else must be recorded by you.

Please submit all material to:

I'll be like a Halloween-Santa in my workshop until the Halloween special is released. Until next time, have a great Halloween season.
~Lex Wahl

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Stories for Show #161:
1. Travis (Upland, CA) – The Tuxedo Man
2. Toni (Garden Grove, California) – The Nun Ghost of El Salvador
3. Eddie (California) – Some Spirits Don’t Like to be Ignored
4. Blake (Dallas Texas) – LBJ Freeway Ghost House, Old Cemetery in Spring Creek Nature Area
5. Ben (Fort Worth, Texas) – Paranormal Pet Visits
6. Armand (Portland, Oregon) – Thelma’s Ghost at Saint John’s Cathedral Park
7. Alana (North Carolina) – Shadow Person Before Pet’s Passing
8. Sophie (Midhurst, West Sussex, U.K.) – Sister’s Spirit Visits
9. Will (Pennsylvania) – Ghost Cat, Fireman's Ghost
10. Sophia (New Mexico) – Ghost Experiences from New Mexico
11. Michael (U.S.) – Lying Next to Nan
12. Kevin (U.S.) -The ghost boy from Fallujah, Iraq
13. Sara (Dallas, Texas) - Haunted Dallas Charter School
14. Gareth (South Wales, UK. )  - The Ghost of Lllanrumeney Hall, South Wales

Links from #161:
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page

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Minute-Cast #3:
Lex reads about 5 haunted lighthouses in the U.S. and Canada.

1. Battery Point Lighthouse (Crescent City, California)
2. Matinicus Rock Lighthouse (Penobscot Bay, near Rockland Maine)
3. Block Island Southeast Lighthouse (Block Island, Rhode Island)
4. Seguin Lighthouse, Seguin, Maine
5. New London Ledge Lighthouse (Groton, Connecticut)
6. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse (Ontario, Canada)

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