Stories for Show #148:

1. Laine (Michigan, US)
2. Steff (Cardiff, Wales)
3. Mike (Arkansas, US)
4. Cindy (Oklahoma, US)
5. Rana (Pennsylvania, US)
6. Phil (the Gold Coast, Australia)
7. Jessica (Florida, US)
8. Chris (England)
9. Daniel (Cary, North Carolina, US)
10. Jaime (Philidelphia, US)
11. Daniel (Texas, US)
12 Cassie, (United Kingdom)
13. Bea (US)
14. Emily (Haliburton, Ontario)
15. Filomena (east coast of the US)
16. Steve (Ft. Myers, Florida)
17. Annie (Yorkshire, England)

Links for Show #148:

Jaime from Philidelpha shared a story in #148. If you're in the area with your doggie, check out her services:

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Stories for Show #147:

1. Kelly (Ft Meyers, Florida)
2. Amber (Scranton, Pennsylvania)
3. Calli (Grass Valley, California)
4. Danny (York, Pennsylvania)

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