Stories for Show #152:

1. Angelique (Bristol, TN)
2. Tony (Chicago, Illinois)
3. Sonny and Yolanda (Lakewood, Washington)
4. Brad (Anaheim CA)
5. Erin (New Mexico)
6. Emma (US)
7. Dave (Jasper, Alabama)
8. Susan (Baltimore, Maryland)
9. Sue (Mesa, Arizona)
10. Micah (Salt Lake City, Utah)
11. Karen (US)
12. Tracey (UK)
13. Gary (Niagra Falls, NY)

Links from #152:

Anything Ghost Graphic Novel. Shane Kirshenblatt's website:

Singing Voice EVP (from Sonny, Washington US) click here

Music break from #152:

Song Title: "Undiscovered" (by Lex Wahl)

Anything Ghost Illustrated Novel. Shane's website:

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Stories for Show #151:

1. Tom (New Jersey, US)
2. Jennifer (Maryland, US)
3. Dewayne (Texas, US)
4. Alex (UK)
5. Danilo (Chicago, Illinois, US)
6. Angela (Arizona, US)
7. Christopher (Fort Campbell, Kentucky, US)
8. Orlando (Oakwood, Georgia, US)
9. Melanie (Netherlands)
10. Zach (Florida, US)
11. Samantha (Alberta, Canada)

Links from #151:

Anything Ghost Illustrated Novel. Shane's website:

Danilo's story on YouTube (includes photos of the childhood home): YouTube link

Music break from #151:

Song Title: Gettysburgh Rain (by Lex Wahl)
Album: Anything Ghost II - Music from the Anything Ghost Show 2nd Edition

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