Stories for Show #156:
1. Lisa (Anchorage, Alaska) - The fleeting silhouette of a girl
2. Bill (Wilmington, Delaware) - Dad says hello with a balloon
3. Oscar (Joliet, Illinois) - "Hurry up and die"
4. Zack (Ontario, Canada) - The basement lady in white
5. Anonymous (Washington, US) - A Thanksgiving's day ghost
6. Luis (California) - I See Shadow People
7. Mindy (Overland Park, Kansas) - Grandpa's Haunted Stereo
8. Eoghan (Ireland) - A ghost in the monitor
9. Steve (Southwest Floria, US) - Haunting at Koreshan State Park in Estero
10. Julie (Jackson, Mississippi) - The ghost near the swing set
11. Leonie (Australia) - The spirits of monks and an old pianola

Links from #156
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page

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Stories for Show #155:
1. Shanna (Antelope Valley, California)
2. Daniel (US)
3. Kate (US)
4. Heather (US)
5. Maura (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
6. Angela (Tennessee, US)
7. Waylon (Oregon, US)
8. Briana (Virginia, US)

Links from #155:
Heather's Stickaman Story:
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page

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