Minute-Cast #1:
1. Introduction to Minute-Casts: the whats /whys /whens
2. The Watertown Faces Photograph

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Stories for Show #157:
1. Ryan (Ontario, Canada) - The Man in the Black Bowler Hat.
2. Denise (Missouri, US) - The Hospital Room Mist
3. David (US) - A Dark Spirit in Venezuela
4. Lora (Louisiana, US) - Visits from a Troubled Friend
5. Luis (Palm Springs, California) - Lava Lamp Ghost
6. Eddie (California, US) - The Smoker Ghost
7. Justin (Chicago, Illinois) - The Museum Spectre
8. Kalub (Clayton, New Mexico) - Paranormal Police Experience
9. Malcom (California, US) - Eureka California Vance Hotel Haunting
10. Carla (Calgary Alberta Canada) - It Wasn’t the Cat
11. Noel (Washington State) - “Mom? Is that you?”
12. Shelby (Utah, US) - Hauntings in Memory Grove Utah
13. Nolan (US) - Haunted Childhood Home in Oklahoma
14. Alex (Central New York) - Oriskany Battlefield Experiences
15. Briana (Virginia, US) - Something Sat On My Bed

Links from #157
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page

Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page

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