Minute-Cast #3:
Lex reads about 5 haunted lighthouses in the U.S. and Canada.

1. Battery Point Lighthouse (Crescent City, California)
2. Matinicus Rock Lighthouse (Penobscot Bay, near Rockland Maine)
3. Block Island Southeast Lighthouse (Block Island, Rhode Island)
4. Seguin Lighthouse, Seguin, Maine
5. New London Ledge Lighthouse (Groton, Connecticut)
6. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse (Ontario, Canada)

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Minute-Cast #2:
Lex discusses three places known to be haunted by the criminal outfit known as Bonnie and Clyde (1931-1934).


Video discussed at the beginning of the show, Bonnie and Clyde's car minutes after the ambush (it's not too graphic, but may be not be for everyone): click here to view

Video discussed in the 3rd story, ghost at the Baker Hotel: click here to view

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Stories for Show #160:
1. Shelby (West Valley City, Utah) - Ghost Visits During Meditation
2. Ruby (Ohio, US) - The Half-in Half-out Spectre
3. Julius (Osceola, Nebraska) - Our Cat Sees Dog Ghosts
4. Ian (Osceola, Nebraska) - Ghost of Girl Who Fell into a Fireplace
5. Sonny (Lakewood, Washington) -  Haunted Gym Video
6. Sean (New Jersey) - Visits from Ancestors
7. Lori (Irapuato, Mexico) Footsteps from the 3rd Floor
8. Carolina (Silver City, New Mexico) - The Suicide Walker
9. Daniel (Texas, US) - El Paso Texas Church Aparitions
10. Noelle (Michigan, US) - A Relative's Ghostly Visit While Housesitting
11. Isidro (Salt Lake City, Utah) - The Window Washer and the Pioneer Woman
12. Alex (Utica, New York) - G's Invisible Friends

Links from #160:
Sonny's Haunted Gym Video: on YouTube
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: FaceBook Page
Audible (free offer for Anything Ghost listeners): www.audiblepodcast.com/ghost

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