Stories for Show #167:

1. Nikki (Florida, US)
2. Jackie (US)
3. Linda (California, US)
4. Kate (Adelaide, Australia)
5. Shannon (Tennessee, US)
6. Jennifer (Central Valley, CA)
7. Erika (Birmingham, Alabama)
8. Nick (Connecticut, US)

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Stories for Show #166:

Introduction by Joseph in Arkansas
1. Elle (East Coast of the U.S.)
2. Jenise (Oregon, U.S.)
3. Edwina (Sydney, Australia)
4. Zach (Arkansas, U.S.)
5. Lee (Stockton-on-Tees , England)
6. Flashback (Peter in Denmark from show #78)

Links from #166
• Anything Ghost Graphic Novel: on sale now, at Indy Planet
  $9.99 printed version, $4.99 PDF version, $55.00 customer cover edition (contact Lex via email)

• Zach's podcast (author of story #4 above): WTF's Propaganda Podcast

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