Stories for Show #168:

1. Karen (California, U.S.)Something Ran Down the Stairs
2. Lee (Stockton on the Tees, England) Legends from Stockton on the Tees, England
3. Michael (US) The Ghost of a Little Girl
4. Chris (Ohio, US)Benson’s Afterlife Contact
5. Laura and LIzzie (US) - Pick Pocket Prankster Ghost
Break - Song by Lex Wahl: Legends of the Woodlands
7. Elizabeth (UK)Club Haunted by Legs in Trousers and Boots
8. Noelle (Michigan)Father-In-Law Makes One Last Visit
9. Ashley (Chesapeake, Virgina) - Funeral Aparition Shows Support
10. Nicholas (UK)A Cobbler’s Ghost of Merseyside, England
11. Matt (Suffolk, England)The Haunted Projection Room in Suffolk England
12. George (Oregon, US)The Basement Ghost at Albany General Hospital

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Minute-Cast #4:
Lex gives a short history of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, and then relays several hauntings that are believed to be related to the Great Influenza of 1918 (AKA the Spanish Flu).


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