Stories for Show #162:
1. Natarsha (Massachusetts, US) - A Haunted House in Georgia
2. Bruce (Montpiler, Vermont) - The Ghost with a Red Beard
3. Shannon (Layton, Utah) - Uncle Makes One Last Visit
4. Denise (Raleigh N.C.) - Shadow People in the Stock Room
5. Gary (Florida, US) - The Purple Haze
6. Christian (Harbor Beach, Michigan) - The Basement-Bedroom Ghost of Michigan
7. Danilo (US) - Haunted 1914 Catholic Book
8. Christine (Champaign, Illinois) - Ghostly Encounters in Seoul, Korea
9. Jeff (Japan) - Jikininki - A Japanese Ghost Story
10. Lexi (Seattle, Washington) - Alice: the Angry Bed Shaking Ghost
11. Kia (Arkansas, US) - the Mobilehome Ghost in Arkansas 

Links from #162
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