Stories for Show #163:
1. Cory (Dahlonega, Georgia) –
Psychology Class Spirit
2. Steve (West Sussex, UK) –
Haunted Airlines' Hangar
3. Kristen (Tennessee, US) –
Invisible Friends: Bob and Boo Boo
4. Donna (Maine, US) –
Mr. Keen's Ghost on the Porch
5. Kelvin (Fort Collins, Colorado) –
That's Enough TV for Tonight
6. Mandy (Kentucky, US) –
Grandma's Still Watching from Beyond
7. Armand (Portland, OR) -
Hide-and-Go-Seek Ghost
8. Jonas (Stockholm, Sweden) –
A Child's Ghost Watches Me
9. Shannon (Layton, Utah) –
A Ghost in a Home for Troubled Teens

Links from #163
Anything Ghost Graphic Novel (coming October 2012): FaceBook Page

Halloween Show Deadlines:
Lex reads your story: October 17, 2012
Record your own story: October 20, 2012
Anticipated release date: October 24, 2012

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