Stories for Show #164:

1. David (St. Paul, Minnesota)An Angry Apparition of an Elderly Lady
2. Annie (Richmond, California)Family Dog Reacts to Something on the Fireplace Mantel
3. Luke (Ohio, U.S.) - The Ghost in the Trees
4. Michael (Lincoln, Nebraska)A Haunted House in Nebraska Burns Down
5. Aris (Riverside, California) - The Shadow Man at Grandma's House
6. Ryan (Ashland, New Hampshire) - Show Bumper
7. Michelle (Baltimore, Maryland)Who's Banging on the Front Door
8. Cameron (Castleford, West Yorkshire)The Ghost of Daniel
9. Carriage (U.S.) - The Tall Man
10. Walter (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Visits from Grandma
11. Jolie (Seattle, Washington) Me and Barbara
Break #1 -
12. Lucy (Fair Lawn, New Jersey)Keys Thrown on the Floor
13. Rob (Chino Hills, California)Las Luces Fantasmas of Arizona
14. Margaux (Creston, British Columbia Canada) - The Spirit of Halloween
15. Robert (Texas, U.S.) - A Walk at Bethany Lake Park In Allen, Texas
Break #2 - Al Rauber's New Website:

16. William (Elberton, Georgia)North Carolina Grave Yard Tales
17. Anonymous (U.S.)The Next Time the Train Stops Here...
18. Bruce (U.S.) - Cedar View Mental Institution
Break 3: Lex's Original Music, ©2012
19. Katherine (U.K.) - The Visitor (Hoping This Time She Can Hear Me)
20. Spring (Texas, U.S.)Ghostly Figures Walk the Halls at a Home for the Elderly
21. Laura (Citrus Heights, California)A Shadow Man Approaches
22. Ben (Forth Smith, Iowa) - The Ghost Scar
23. Lauren (Seattle, Washington)Lake Crescent's Lady of the Lake
24. Angela (Santa Cruz, California)The Death of Sarah Agnes Cowell Re-lived
25. Peter (Copenhagen, Denmark) - An Eerie Night at a Denmark Psychiatric Ward

Links from #164
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Al Rauber's New Website:
Free audiobook with 1 month free sign up,
Michelle from Baltimore Maryland:
Mill Mall stories link
100% Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast:

Have a Haunted and Happy Halloween!! 

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