Halloween is approaching very quickly—unless you step into at a corporate owned store where "even stop lights blink a bright red and green" (ho ho ho)...although, I enjoy that as well.

At Halloween time, the Anything Ghost Halloween Show gets very popular, and as such, many ghostly stories are submitted to the show—more specifically for the Halloween special. Time wise, the Halloween specials are getting to be very long (I believe last year's special was over 3 hours).

So, now is the time to get your fingers moving on the "QWERTY," pull out a mic, or whatever you need to do to make your story ready for the 2012 Anything Ghost Halloween special.

Why in September? Because the Halloween special is released 1 week prior to October 31st. To make this date, deadlines need to be adhered to...and here are the deadlines and rules.


  • Send a story for Lex to read...Due Date: October 17, 2012
  • Send in a story that you have recorded...Due Date: October 20th, 2012
  • Send in a skit that you have recorded...Due Date: October 20th, 2012

Rules and Acceptable Material (all must be ghost or Halloween related):

  • The usual personal paranormal experiences
  • The usual local ghost legends
  • Skits /Plays /Poetry (Halloween special only; must be recorded by you).
  • Fictional Writings (Halloween special only; must be recorded by you).
  • No music please
  • All submissions must be original; I cannot release material with a copyright

I will only read personal paranormal experiences and local ghost legends. Everything else must be recorded by you.

Please submit all material to:

I'll be like a Halloween-Santa in my workshop until the Halloween special is released. Until next time, have a great Halloween season.
~Lex Wahl

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