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Dec 15, 2019

  1. Vangie (U.S.)Ghost at My Brother’s House
  2. Sylvia (New Mexico, U.S.)Ghost Dogs
  3. Jeremy – (Oklahoma, US) - Camp Cemetery
  4. J. Angel (Texas, US)Ghost Stories from Work
  5. Jae (Florida, US) - The Loop - read by Lex
    Song Break: Hallowed Goodbye by Lex Wahl
  6. Eric (Utah) - Confessions of a Fixer - read by...

Nov 18, 2019

  1. Sonia (Pennsylvania, US) - Norristown, Pennsylvania, 2006
  2. Laurie (Georgia, US) – Bedtime Creature
  3. Jeremy (Oklahoma, US) - Ghost in My Old Apartment
  4. Tom (Berlin Germany) – I Saw My Own Spirit
  5. Henry (US) - The Boy with the Mean Face
  6. Laurie (Georgia, US) – The Church Basement
  7. Lynette (Chicago, Illinois) - Cedar...