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Sep 14, 2020

  1. James (Virginia, US) - Ghost at Grandmother’s House in Punta Lora, Florida
  2. Sonny (Lakewood, Washington) – A White Light in My Car
  3. Brian (Vancouver, BC) - Bidding-Farewell
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Ghost Answers the Phone in the Church He Haunts
  5. Alana (Wisconsin, US) - Our Song From Beyond
  6. Kari (Ogdensburg, NY) - Haunted Clown Mask and a Ghostly Encounter at the Winchester Castle
  7. Iredell, North Carolina, US - Mysterious Falling Rocks at the Louis Day Family Home
  8. Erika (New England, US) - Shadows in the Corner
  9. Alex (Norway) – The Ghosts of the Meldal, Norway Rectory
  10. Marion, Indiana - High School Built on Old Cemetery Land