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Oct 27, 2023

Anything Ghost Show Episode 307 – The Mega-Macabre Halloween Episode, 2023!!

Intro by Celebrity impersonator, actor, comedian Richard Halpern. 
Contact Richard Halpern:
Phone: (213) 739-3377 
TikTok: @therealrichardhalpern

  1. Clara (Arizona, US) – Haunted US Navy Ship
  2. Jeremy (US) – Our Haunted Countryside Home
  3. Daniel (South Dakota, US) – The Ghost of a Woman
  4. Leslie (Iowa, US) - My Brother's Visit, Sliding Glass Door, Lady in the Ceiling Fan
  5. Dance of the Tombstone Shadows by Lex Wahl
  6. Kathleen (Pennsylvania, US) - Ominous Spirit in a Renovated School
  7. Christian (New Jersey, US) – St. Louis Hauntings
  8. Marie (Massachusetts, US) - The House of the Seven Gables
  9. Jasmine (California, US) – The Whaley House
  10. Andrea (Virginia, US) - Various Experience
  11. Richard Halpern -
  12. Erika (Kentucky, US) - Ghost at Linden Avenue House
  13. Sara (New York, US) - Haunted Road
  14. John and Jim (Alabama, US) – Dissonant Child's Playground Song
  15. Sun Downer by Lex Wahl
  16. David (California, US) – The Ghost in Room 104
  17. Pete (Wauconda, Illinois) – Repair Stories
  18. Stephanie and Her Father Bill (Ohio, US) - Family Ghosts and a Hotel Ghost